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What does 10 Mbps have to offer?

There’s no “one size fits all” as far as internet is concerned—businesses need specific plans to suit specific needs. No matter the size of your company or the dynamic you have within your workspace, internet is all but mandatory to a thriving, innovative business.

Verizon high-speed internet is the reliable, affordable option perfect for small businesses with a few employees. You’ll benefit from a dedicated line (so no sharing your connection) and bandwidth that supports your day-to-day needs. With a standard DSL connection, 10 Mbps internet speed allows you to carry out various tasks throughout your workday, including:

  • Uploading and downloading files
  • Tracking invoices
  • Completing online transactions
  • Operating multiple devices
  • Running basic web applications

Don’t spend your profits on something you don’t need. Verizon high-speed internet allows your business to stay ahead, all while keeping an eye on that bottom line.

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Fastest - 10+ Mbps
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for year 1. Year 2 $99.99/mo (+ taxes, fees & equip. charges w/ a 2-yr agmt. & auto renewal)
  • Price Includes $10/mo off for 12 months
  • Up to 10-15 Mbps download speeds & 1 Mbps upload speeds
Ideal for
  • Multiple employees
  • Online-based business
  • eCommerce with orders

How fast is 10 Mbps?

10 Mbps delivers internet download speeds at approximately 10 megabits/second and upload speeds up to 1 megabit/second. That means a 10 MB file will take 8 seconds to load. This speed is ideal for small businesses with very few employees, and it functions through a DSL internet connection with a unique IP address.

Is 10 Mbps fast enough?

If 10 Mbps internet speed wouldn’t keep up with your business’s ambitions, see where pure fiber-optic speeds can take you. If you’re running more transactions, hosting bigger conference meetings, or uploading more files to the cloud, you may want to see what Verizon Fios Internet for Business could do for you.

Looking for faster speeds?

Check out Verizon Fios

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Broadband has never worked more smoothly.

When you trust in the Verizon standard, you’re trusting in 99% uptimes, the most reliable connections, and the fastest internet speeds available. You’re investing in your business’s future and success. Verizon is more than just a service provider—it’s a pathway for growth.

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What will you get from an industry leader?

With over 6 million customers and counting, Verizon suits small businesses with big plans. You can trust Verizon to easily get you on track and where you need to go—there’s a reason J.D. Power ranked the company #1 in customer satisfaction two years in a row.

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Bundling builds a better business.

Simplicity is the goal when you bundle your Fios services into one manageable bill. You’ll save money and time, and can focus more on running your business. It’s like a gift that you give to yourself.

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