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All Your Favorite Services Rolled Into One: Verizon Fios Plans

Why pay more for what you don’t want? Mix your internet & TV packages to match the deal you’re looking for.

Internet Plans starting at


w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges. For 200/200 Mbps.4

Disney+ on us

For the first year. Then $6.99/mo after9

Want to stream more?

Upgrade to Fios Gigabit Connection and also get
Hulu on us for 1 year ($5.99/mo. after)13

Verizon Fios For Every Lifestyle

Your family is unique so your Verizon Fios package should be too. With Mix and Match plans, families can choose what suits their needs. Mix the internet speeds you want with your Fios TV selection and match what works best for you. Say goodbye to costly bundles and hello to Verizon Mix and Match.

Internet at the speed of your life.

The whole family can stream with these kinds of internet speeds. Featuring a 100% fiber-optic connection, Verizon Fios offers several internet plan options, including 200/200 Mbps, 400/400 Mbps and up to 940/880 Mbps. Each tier offers fast upload speeds and download speeds, so your devices can keep up with your deadlines.

Your Fios TV: Channel surf less, enjoy more

Verizon Fios is all about giving the choices back to you—and that includes what you watch. Choose from a variety of TV packages, including Your Fios TV, which lets you select your top five channels. We’ll recommend a package of 125+ channels based on your choice. More Fios TV gives you the classics like Comedy Central and ESPN, and the Most Fios TV offers the best in premium sports channels, entertainment, and more.

Fios Digital Voice: Home phone never sounded so good.

It’s a landline fit for your modern world. Get crystal-clear sound with Fios Digital Voice. Digital Voice uses VolP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology over a fiber-optic network, which means you’ll make calls over your secure internet service instead of the analog wires of a generation ago. Verizon offers unlimited and international plans, so whether you want daily chats with your sister who lives across the pond or to dial your neighbors, Verizon’s got a Fios service plan with your needs in mind.

Get What You Want with a Verizon Fios Plan

Make the most of your budget with Fios TV, internet and phone plans.

Now you can take advantage of the new Verizon Fios mix and match plans. Create a package that’s suited to meet your family’s needs. Whether it’s an internet-only plan, internet plus an add-on service, or all three services. Same great deal, same great service, in a personalized Verizon Fios plan.

Assemble Your Custom Package

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Get Internet: Pick your Speed

200/200 Mbps

  • Easily browse, chat and email
  • Equal upload and download speeds


w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.4

  • Disney+ for 12 months then $6.99 after.9

400/400 Mbps

  • Great for video chatting and streaming both music and movies
  • Upload and download large files simultaneously


w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.8

  • Disney+ for 12 months then $6.99 after.9
  • Hulu's ad-supported plan for 6 months on us then $5.99/mo. after13

Fios Gigabit Connection up to 940/880 Mbps

  • Virtually seamless streaming on multiple devices including 4K HD
  • The fastest upload and download speeds available


w/ Auto Pay + taxes.5

  • Router rental included
  • Disney+ for 12 months then $6.99 after.9
  • Hulu's ad-supported plan for 12 months on us then $5.99/mo. after13
  • Stream TV included°°°

Get TV: Pick your Channels

Fios TV Test Drive

  • Test 425+ channels for 60 days, then we'll recommend the best plan for you.


+ taxes & equip. charges.2

Your Fios TV

  • Pick your 5 favorite channels and we'll recommend a package with 125+ channels for you
  • Add Set Top Box for $12/mo


+ taxes & equip. charges.2

More Fios TV

  • 225+ channels
  • 1st Set Top Box included


+ taxes.3

  • $50 Verizon Gift Card14

The Most Fios TV

  • 425+ channels
  • 1st Set Top Box included
  • Basic DVR included
  • Premium channels like The Movie Channel, Epix and Showtime included


+ taxes.3

  • $100 Verizon Gift Card14
Youtube TV logo
  • 70+ Channels


+ taxes.11

  • First month on us
  • Unlimited DVR storage space

Fios TV Mundo

  • 210+ channels
  • 1st Set Top Box Included


+ taxes.3

  • $50 Verizon Gift Card14

Fios TV Mundo Total

  • 215+ channels
  • 1st Set Top Box Included
  • Basic DVR Included


+ taxes.3

  • $100 Verizon Gift Card14

Get extras: Select additional services

Home Phone

  • Get the most out of your home phone with caller ID, spam blocking and more.


w/ Internet or TV service

Verizon Protect Home

  • Get 24/7 support for your household devices.


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    Mobile + Home Rewards: Exclusive $20/month discount with a Verizon Wireless Unlimited plan.

    Save up to $10/mo each on your Verizon Wireless and Fios services when you sign up for a Fios Home Internet plan with a Verizon Wireless Unlimited plan. You’ll experience Verizon’s 99.9% reliable network while saving up to $20 a month every month you have both services.1

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    Support your side hustle with Fios internet-only plans.

    Why pay for extra home services you’ll never use? A Fios internet-only package gives you everything you want. Choose between a 200/200 Mbps, 400/400 Mbps, or up to 940/880 Mbps package for your work presentation, movie streaming, or fast-paced gaming needs.

    Explore Verizon Fios internet plans.

    Focus Your Finances with a Verizon Fios Plan

    What are the benefits of a Verizon Fios package? You’ll get the same great service at a lower price, so you can deck out your family’s home services while saving for that holiday vacation. Here are a few reasons a Verizon Fios plan is the best for home entertainment.

    Fios’ trademark reliability.

    Say goodbye to long buffering with Verizon Fios. Using a fiber-optic network, each Fios service—TV, internet, and phone—offers 99.99% reliability for quality service you can count on.

    One, streamlined bill.

    You’ve got enough things to worry about—keeping track of additional bills shouldn’t be one of them. Verizon gives you the home services you want on one, easy bill, so extra services won’t mean extra paperwork.

    Seamless, fiber connection.

    Since Fios service is built on a 100% fiber-optic network, you’ll get lightning-fast internet speed, ultra-bright TV picture quality, and crystal-clear phone calls. Experience home services like never before with Verizon Fios bundles.

    Get Fios by Verizon today!
    Call 1-855-548-3219

    Get Fios by Verizon today! Call 1-855-548-3219

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