Verizon Business Digital Voice is a powerful and flexible phone solution for small businesses. Business Digital Voice provides a secure VoIP system for your business, giving you access to enterprise features at an affordable price.

Over 30 professional calling features help you give your customers the service they deserve. And the easy-to-use online dashboard and mobile app let you manage your phone system no matter where you are.

Tired of missing calls because the right person isn’t available to answer? Or maybe you’re tired of having employees tied to their desks just in case a call comes through.

With a Hunt Group setup from Verizon Business Digital Voice, you can give employees the freedom to move and work where they’re most comfortable while never missing an important call.

A Hunt Group, also called line hunting in the telecom world, is a system that automatically transfers an incoming call from line to line until someone answers. If the main contact can’t pick up, you can designate second, third, and additional lines to receive the call. You can also have calls ring to several phones simultaneously to cut down on wait times for customers.

Customer story: Hunt Group improves the customer experience

When customers call a business, no one wants to get a voicemail experience. Customers want to speak to someone and get the help they need. This is the main reason Jennie, an office manager for a busy design company, went looking for a better solution than their old PBX set up. With PBX, customers could connect to different extensions in the office but that was about it. Jennie heard about Hunt Group and decided that was the way to go. She could set incoming calls to ring to different lines in a series. She made it so calls go to Sue first, the full time receptionist, and then rollover to John who is the assistant for the head designer and handles most of the scheduling. Jennie kept the rings to only two, and added a third line to rollover to accounting if Sue and John can’t answer. Within six rings, clients can reach a friendly, live person who can handle their question. No need to wait for a call back.

More Business Digital Voice advanced features

Administrator Portal Auto Attendant Hunt Group My Phone Portal
Music on Hold Shared Call Unified Messaging Visual Voicemail
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