Cut the phone cord and make your messaging count.

In this day and age, phone services aren’t limited to just phones. In fact, communication capabilities nowadays transcend the boundaries of typical phone lines—modern technology makes it possible to make and receive calls from anywhere, on any device. And in the business world, that has become crucial to maintaining a steady workflow and increasing productivity. But life gets busy, and sometimes your voicemail inbox bears the brunt of your phone traffic, and voice messages pile up as a result. Does the same kind of technology extend to missed calls?

With a visual voicemail service you can listen to (or view) your outstanding voice messages on any device and in any order you choose. You will receive a list of calls and messages, along with specifics about the call (such as contact information and the date and time it was made). If there’s a pressing call you’ve been waiting for, you can get right to your priorities and skip the wasted time of listening to messages recorded before the one you want to listen to. (You can call your mom back later.) You can also play back messages on your cell phone, computer, or landline, and respond to them via callback or text message. After reviewing your messages, you can choose which ones you’d like to listen to, delete, or archive.

Put visual voicemail to work.

In the midst of a highly competitive business atmosphere, you work hard to make sure your company keeps up. With so many operations and applications to attend to, it pays to play everything to your advantage, and relatively small things (such as checking messages) can make a large impact. Handling your voice messages with a voicemail to text application could significantly improve your business processes, giving you the ability to:    

Save time

Review urgent missed calls and voicemail messages without having to cycle through recordings left previously. Visual voicemail also allows you to review messages, missed calls, and emails from one location or device, saving you the hassle and time spent dialing into your voicemail account. Apply that time to fueling your business’s success instead.

Easily forward call information

Forward entire transcriptions to business associates, colleagues, or clients in a matter of seconds. If a message is left on your phone by mistake, you can forward the caller’s information and phone number to the appropriate recipient. You’ll have everything you need right in front of you at a moment’s notice.

Increase your productivity

Confusion can cost you in the workplace. Wasted time turns into wasted revenue, and it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks when your attention is diverted from your daily tasks. Visual voicemail acts as a virtual valet, cataloging your messages for you to review later (in the order you want) so you can focus more on your business’s productivity.

Enjoy the convenience

If you’re taking care of other projects and can’t make it to a phone, you’ll easily be able to monitor messages as they’re coming in. In addition, voice to email and voice to text services make it so you can access your messages from anywhere—at home, at the office, or on the go. Visual voicemail provides a better way to track and archive your correspondence.

How does it all come together?

When you receive that convenient list of messages through your visual voicemail service, all it takes is pressing one button on your device to hear a playback of the recording you want to listen to. Or, if you prefer to read your messages, visual voicemail technology allows for them to reach you through other mediums such as email and text messages.

So how about it? If you want to get visual voicemail up and running, all you need to do is install the Verizon Visual Voicemail app on your preferred device(s). When you want to listen to your messages, simply select the desired message, hit play, and listen. It’s as easy as that. Or, you can read a transcript of the message through the voicemail to text or voicemail to email features. In most circumstances, your visual voicemail inbox on your selected device is synced with your network voice mailbox, so you won’t have to worry about toggling back and forth between systems.

Visual voicemail provides convenience and organization to your business communication. Paired with the Verizon standard, you can expect it to significantly reduce stress and improve the way your business handles its messaging—what growing company couldn’t use that? It’s one more tool in your belt to refining your processes, streamlining your services, and achieving success for your business.

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