Business Digital Voice from Verizon is a flexible VoIP phone solution for small businesses that offers powerful, enterprise-level features at an affordable price. Businesses get access to over 30 calling features, such as Visual Voicemail, Music on Hold, and Hunt Groups. And Business Digital Voice is built on a reliable VoIP platform for stress-free calling and easy scalability. Business Digital Voice helps you stay in touch with your team and give your customers quality, reliable service.

Small-business owners have a lot of communications to juggle. Voicemail to Email makes better use of your time.

Standard visual voicemail gives you a convenient list of your voicemail messages—including who called, time of the call and callback number—so you can listen to them as needed. Voicemail to Email from Business Digital Voice goes one step further to help improve your productivity. Voicemail to Email sends your voicemail messages as .wav attachments to your email, allowing you to listen to them when you tackle your in-box.

The messages are sent as .wav files that can be played back on any PC, Mac, or smartphone so you can listen at your convenience.

You can also organize the messages with your regular email filing system. It’s one more way Verizon helps streamline your daily operations.

This feature is also known as voicemail to text transcription—something high-functioning business people have been paying up to $14.95 per month for this service alone from other vendors. Plus additional fees for additional users.

  • Just like our Voicemail to Email, a voicemail transcription service converts your voicemail messages to text and sends your transcriptions to your email inbox.
  • Just like Voicemail to Email, transcription services also attach .wav files to your transcriptions so you can hear the original voicemail recordings.

Unlike transcription services, there is no extra cost to use this feature. Voicemail to Email is included with your Business Digital Voice service.

You’ll get alerts to your inbox every time someone calls and leave a voicemail.

You can keep up with your calls, whether you’re in a meeting or on the factory floor. Even if it’s too noisy to take the call, Voicemail to Email helps you handle business over email without waiting for a time when you can talk on the phone.

Five ways Voicemail to Email helps you take care of business:

  • Scanning an email message is faster than logging in to voicemail to get the same info.
  • Searching for keywords in your inbox helps pinpoint the info you need.
  • Nothing is missing. Your email message captures the voicemail and stores it.
  • Looking for a pen or pressing rewind to repeat a message is old school.
  • Managing your communications is easier since all your messages are in one place–your inbox.

More Business Digital Voice advanced features

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