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Have you ever been in a meeting and missed a time-sensitive call? Or been so busy that you forgot to listen to a message until hours—or even days—later? Worse than that, listening to patchy audio from a bad connection often (and frustratingly) means you’ll have to listen multiple times to get the message’s information. It’s an inconvenient yet somehow necessary cycle, as even in this day and age plenty of people get their dial game on and have no problem leaving voicemail messages.      

Voicemail to text simplifies the whole process. This service converts the voice messages you receive on your cell phone into text messages, providing a transcription you can read anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand. This is a feature meant for the fast-paced lifestyle of today—for business professionals pressed for time or those constantly on the go. If you don’t have the time or desire to call back once you receive the message, voicemail to text allows you to respond in the form of a text if the message originated from a cell phone. It’s a voicemail service designed to make your life easier.    


What is voicemail to text?

Voicemail to text transcribes your voice mail messages into SMS text messages on your mobile phone. Instead of listening to the audio, you can to read transcriptions at your convenience if you are not able to immediately listen to the message, and respond accordingly to messages sent from a mobile phone number.


Verizon has the competitive edge.

In a world brimming with new and improved tech, useful tools tend to get adapted into several different versions as competitors vie for the upper hand within the market. So, it stands to reason that Verizon isn’t the only network to offer voicemail transcription services. Services such as eVoice, YouMail, Grasshopper, and Nuance deliver similar texting options, but the reliability and quality of Verizon voicemail to text puts them all to shame.

Verizon helps you stay organized and prepared for anything. Not only can you get voicemail to text for your personal phone, but you can also program your office lines to route to your mobile phone if you’re out of the office or away from your desk. You won’t have to wait until you’re back to answer or send a reply. In addition, you get an unlimited number of transcriptions, ensuring no message slips through the cracks. You can rely on over thirty calling features to make sure your business is running as productively as possible.

Experience the ease of voicemail to text.

Once you’ve set voicemail to text up on your phone (a process that should take next to no time at all), you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save throughout your workday. The added convenience of your voice messages being accessible in different formats lets you prioritize your communication. You’ll be able to respond to more urgent calls faster, or organize calls based on their importance and plan your time addressing them accordingly.

You can also keep your messages all in one place without the fear that they will be deleted or inexplicably lost forever if your phone glitches. Voicemail to text is a dynamic tool in your business’s hand, capable of streamlining your day for optimum efficiency.  

Leave no messages behind.

Making and receiving calls should be as painless as possible. There are thousands of better ways to spend your time than stressing over missed voicemail messages, and voicemail to text takes the pressure off of keeping up with your correspondence. It also saves you the hassle of remembering passwords or frantically trying to find something to write the information in the message down with—because who really has time for that anymore?

Verizon offers even more sophisticated products and services than voicemail to text. With Business Digital Voice for your office phone system, you can get your missed voicemails through your email with Voicemail to Email or catalog your voice messages with Visual Voicemail. Equip yourself with the best technology available so you can rest assured that your business’s needs are always met as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  

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