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How do I find Verizon Fios Internet
for Business in my area?

  • Types of internet available to businesses
  • Help your call go faster
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Types of internet available to businesses

In most areas, there are three main types of internet available for business use: (1) cable, (2) satellite, and (3) either DSL or fiber-optic internet, which is best known as Fios.

Verizon offers DSL and Fios internet services with unmatched reliability and high speeds, making Verizon business internet an ideal alternative to cable and satellite.

It’s easy for us to find out if Verizon service is available for your small business. Call today to find out the products available to you along with their speeds and pricing.

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Help your call go faster

If you’re not sure what you need, that’s okay. Before you call, make a quick list with this information so your representative can help you make the decision:

  • Business address where you want service
  • Typical internet activities done on your network
  • Number of computers and devices that will use your network
  • Questions you have

Get ready—it’s happening near you.

Those in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC and Richmond can now save even more on faster internet.

How do I find Verizon business phone in my area?

If your business is eligible for Verizon internet service, it’s probably eligible for phone service as well. Give us a call to check availability and learn more about digital and analog phone options in your area.

  • Types of phone service available to businesses
  • Help your call go faster
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Types of phone service available for business

Traditional analog phone service is reliable as ever, and most analog Verizon plans for business include features like unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, and call waiting when you sign up for a two-year agreement.

Digital phone service or VoIP, where available, can be a cost-effective alternative because it runs your voice system completely over the internet. Verizon’s VoIP system, called Business Digital Voice, offers advanced features like auto-attendant, call forwarding, and more.

It’s easy for us to check phone service availability near you. Give us a call today.

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Help your call go faster

Before you order Verizon phone service, jot down the following information so your call can go more smoothly:

  • Business address where you want service
  • Existing phone numbers you want to port over to Verizon
  • Questions you have

#1 business internet provider .

Verizon’s 71.8 speed score is the highest speed PC Mag’s seen yet in a business ISP.**

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