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Shift to the power of Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet for business.

Welcome to the big leagues of high-speed business internet.

How fast is Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet for business?

Fast enough to complete the day’s tasks 100 times over.

When you operate your business on Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet, you and your employees have up to 940 Mbps of download speed to work with. You already know it’s super fast, but Verizon Gigabit Internet offers more than a quick download speed. Gigabit customers experience a reliable fiber-optic network, a generous Service Level Agreement, and upload speeds up to 880 Mbps.

What can your business do with one Gig of internet? It could:

  • Download a 500 MB project in about 4 seconds
  • Host web conferences in real time
  • Support up to 100 employees on the same network

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What makes Verizon’s Fios network for business so fast?

Instead of the copper wiring traditionally found in a cable network, Verizon’s Fios network uses a system of glass cabling. Data along Verizon’s fiber-optic network travels at nearly the speed of light, allowing for download speeds up to 1 Gig.

Cable internet and DSL share their networks with other telecommunication services, but Verizon Fios doesn’t have to share. This type of network is less susceptible to interruptions and bottlenecks, making your online experience smooth and reliable.

Verizon Fios Internet plans for business



1-yr. price guarantee

Fios 100 Mbps

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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2-yr. price guarantee

Fios 300 Mbps

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Verizon Business Internet vs. Verizon Residential Internet

What’s the difference?

Simply put—Verizon residential internet is designed for your home, and Verizon Business Internet is equipped for your workplace.

Do you need to provide internet for your employees, allow customers to connect to Wi-Fi, or backup your workplace’s next big project to the cloud? You should take a peek at Verizon’s Business Internet packages.

Do you want to stream your favorite shows, play your favorite online games, or work from home? You should take a look at Verizon’s Residential Internet packages.



Upload speeds are no longer left in the dust.

  • Upload speeds will never be faster than with fiber. One gigabit internet gives you 940/880 speeds.
  • Your upload times shrink from minutes to seconds.
  • Your business can get work done twice as fast with quicker upload speeds.


  • Discover VoIP phone systems
  • Implement data modeling
  • Support CRM initiatives
  • Easily crunch numbers for analytics


  • Connect the whole family
  • Communicate with live chat and messaging
  • Post photos to your timeline almost instantly

What is 1 Gbps internet?

  • Gigabit internet (one gig) is one of the fastest internet speeds you can get, and it’s the most popular option among internet users.
  • Gigabit broadband is in a league of its own—100 people can be connected and performing tasks at the same time.
  • With gigabit speeds, a high-definition video conference or hour-long webinar takes mere seconds to download.


  • Run applications within the cloud
  • Conduct a meeting over cyberspace instantly with Telepresence
  • Easily manage databases


  • Talk face to face with video calling
  • Stream videos and music with almost no buffering
  • Play games online with no lag time

Cut your wait times in half and still keep a manageable bill.

  • Cable attempts to imitate fiber connections with Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS).
  • Though DOCSIS download speeds compare to those of fiber-optic internet, the price is much higher.
  • Cable cannot deliver speed parity—upload speeds will never match download speeds.


  • Business internet price: $249/mo.
  • Get more expedient customer service backed by firm Service Level Agreements.


  • Residential internet price: $79.99/mo. w/ Auto Pay + taxes. For up to 940/880 Mbps5

  • Access 24/7 assistance via online help forums and frequently asked questions
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Perks of running your business with Verizon Fios Internet:


Verizon is the small business service provider of choice.

Verizon ranked the highest in customer satisfaction—for the second consecutive year—among wireline service providers across the US in the “very small business” segment, according to J.D. Power.


Fios beats cable.

Copper-based cable internet can be slow, overcrowded, and susceptible to corrosion. Verizon Fios uses a network of glass cabling that’s resistant to bottlenecking, unaffected by the elements, and nearly lightning fast.


Choose between a variety of Verizon Fios speeds.

Verizon Fios Internet for business can reach up to 1 Gig, but that power might not be necessary for every company. Check out other Fios Internet plans to find the right speed at the right price.
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Is a Verizon Fios gigabit connection worth it for my business?

That depends on your business’ needs. If you run a software startup, your day-to-day tasks may include heavy data backups to the cloud, running a host of sites and platforms, or IT support for a team of primarily web-based employees. This kind of business would greatly benefit from a Gig of network speed.

Curious about the power of a Gig? Here are some things the network can handle:

  • Support a team of up to 100 employees
  • Host a widely-attended video conference
  • Operate a VoIP telephone line with nearly zero interruptions
  • Perform overlapping online tasks: heavy downloads, cloud uploads, and live edits

Alternatively, you might run a small pastry shop. Here, your web tasks might be relatively simple: shooting a few emails, maintaining financial records, or editing your website. This kind of business owner might not need the power of a Gig and might be better serviced by a different Verizon Fios plan.

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Even more internet speeds from Verizon Business

Not sure which Fios speed is the right one for you? Take a look at our Internet Comparison Guide to compare Verizon Fios Internet speeds for your business.

If you operate a smaller business that doesn't need the high download and upload speed of Verizon Fios, then take a look at our Verizon business high-speed internet page.

Interested in how your current internet stacks up? Check out the free Verizon Business Internet Speed Test Tool.

Verizon Business high-speed internet

For the smaller business

Verizon HSI 3 Mbps

Verizon HSI 5 Mbps

Verizon HSI 7 Mbps

Verizon HSI 10 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1 Gig of internet fast?

Yes. 1 Gig, or 1,000 Mbps, is the fastest internet speed offered by Verizon for business. With this package, download speeds reach up to 940 Mbps and upload speeds reach up to 880 Mbps.

Customers with 1 Gig internet experience few interruptions, are able to support a large number of users, and can complete technically demanding web tasks.

How much is Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet?

Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet for business starts at $249/mo for the standalone package. Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet can also be bundled with Verizon phone, VoIP, and other services.

Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet is only available in select areas. To see if this package is available near you, check out Verizon's availability tool.

Is Verizon Fios for business better than cable?

Yes. Cable networks are made of copper wiring, which can break down over time. Additionally, cable networks are shared by other telecommunication services, making them more susceptible to data bottlenecks. All of this results in slower speeds for the user.

Verizon’s Fios network is made up of glass cabling, which offers a number of advantages over cable. Glass is more resistant to wear and tear, is not shared by other telecommunication services, and is able to transfer data faster than copper wiring. In the end, Verizon Fios is a much faster network.

How can I order Verizon Fios Business Internet?

To order Verizon Fios internet for business, speak to a Verizon representative at 1-844-990-4811.

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