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How fast does 150 Mbps stream?

Is upgrading to 150 Mbps internet worth it for your personal or business needs?

Business vs. residential internet



Uploads are finally on equal footing with downloads.

  • Fiber is the only connection that gives you upload speeds as fast as download speeds.
  • Upload and download speed parity is ideal for business tasks such as checking inventory, providing online quotes, sending large files, and more.
  • Cable internet gives you upload speeds in minutes—fiber reduces that time to seconds.


  • Live video chatting
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Wi-Fi supporting friends and guests


  • Backing up data and storage
  • Sending batch files
  • Employee training videos

Just how fast is 150 Mbps internet?

  • 150 Mbps allows employees and customers to run online applications at the same time.
  • You can work without worrying about whether slowdowns are costing you.
  • Dependable high speeds will improve your business performance.


  • Streaming music or videos
  • Scrolling through social media feeds
  • Reading articles and blog posts
  • Research for homework
  • Online shopping


  • Transferring or sending large files
  • Online research
  • Delivering quotes to customers in real time
  • Ecommerce
  • Checking warehouse inventory

Faster internet is worth the cost.

  • Per a study by the FCC, small businesses spend an estimated $106 each month on internet services.**
  • Residential internet costs less than business internet but does not have the added features and benefits.
  • The cost of 150 Mbps through cable can reach up to $139.95 per month and doesn’t include faster upload speeds.


  • 150 Mbps residential internet price: $74.99 /mo.
  • Provides self-help via forums and frequently asked questions


  • 150 Mbps business internet price: $109.99/mo.
  • Comes with priority customer support with service level agreements that provide faster troubleshooting
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Is 150 Mbps too much, too little, or just right for your business?

It’s commonly believed that 150 Mbps internet is a bandwidth that falls in between what most people seek. But is it more than what the average user is looking for? Is it less than what a business needs? It’s the ideal broadband speed for many situations and is especially compatible with business setups.

150 Mbps internet is sufficient for a variety of everyday online business applications and tasks. If you’re not sure if it’s the right speed for you, consider some of the things this bandwidth not only covers but makes a breeze:

  • Providing Wi-Fi access to customers
  • Viewing corporate training videos
  • Sending quotes and invoices

A helpful guideline to follow is to get an internet speed that’s twice as fast as you think you’ll need to accommodate the busier times your business will go through. That way, you’re covered no matter what.

Need faster internet? Try 300 Mbps

Is 150 Mbps internet speed good?

150 Mbps internet delivers download speeds at 17.88 MB/second, which supports a 255 MB operating system update in approximately 14 seconds.

A fiber-optic internet connection provides equal upload speeds. DSL or copper cable lines deliver slower speeds at 5–10 Mbps for uploads, taking more than three minutes to upload a 250 MB backup file.

5 things that affect your internet speed.

  1. The speed you’re paying for. Do you need internet for yourself or for your business? Do you run a small business or a large corporation? Perhaps your family runs a lot of electronic devices and gaming consoles at once. Tailor your speed to your situation and needs.
  2. Your service connection type. Fios is the only internet connection that provides hyperfast speeds and unwavering reliability. A pure fiber-optic connection outpaces cable in every capacity. Fios also provides symmetrical upload and download speeds.
  3. The current load on your provider’s network. Being prepared for how many users and devices will be tapping into your internet is crucial in ultimately determining what speed matches your needs.
  1. Router capabilities. A router acts as a channel to direct data sent to and from your computer. If your router is outdated, overloaded, or incorrectly configured, that data can slow down or become disrupted altogether.
  2. The material your cables are made of. The majority of internet cables are made of two types of materials. Fiber-optic cables use glass to transmit data through light signals, and cable lines use copper which operates much slower and is more prone to interference.

Fios internet

150/150 Mbps

Fios internet

150/150 Mbps

for year 1. Year 2 $124.99/mo. (+ taxes, fees & equip. charges w/ 2-yr. agmt. & auto renewal)
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More bandwidth for additional users and multiple devices.


Price includes $10/mo additional discount for 12 months (limit one per account).

Fios internet

Icon demonstrating upload and download speeds.

Keep up with your workday with equal upload and download speeds.

Fios internet + voice

150/150 Mbps

Fios internet + voice

150/150 Mbps

for Year 1. Year 2 $124.99/mo (+ taxes, fees & equip. charges w/ a 2-yr agmt. & auto renewal)
Icon demonstrating internet speed.

Designed for medium-sized businesses running multiple applications every day.


Price includes $10/mo additional discount for 12 months (limit one per account).

Business Digital Voice

1 VoIP line

30+ calling features

Add Fios TV for as low as $10/mo more for the first year after bundle discount

Verizon provides internet your business can't live without.

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