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Verizon enterprise solutions

Work at the speed of business with enterprise-grade voice and internet services.

With Verizon enterprise products, you can gain more uptime and improve communication.

Business VoIP

Verizon Virtual Communications Express is a business-hosted digital phone solution that helps you boost communications.

  • Help customers get the information they need by routing calls efficiently.
  • Connect with employees, colleagues, and clients on the go.
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Dedicated internet

Verizon Internet Dedicated Services gives you reliable business internet.

  • Use modern business tools like applications, video-conferencing, and cloud computing—without internet lag.
  • Enjoy dedicated bandwidth exclusive for your business.
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Private network

Verizon Private IP gives your company a tool against data breaches.

  • Gain more uptime by using a private network less susceptible to outside technical difficulties.
  • Prioritize and guide traffic with Verizon IP.
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What defines Verizon business solutions as enterprise grade.



Verizon enterprise services offer a broad security approach to prevent data breaches, protect information, and minimize security vulnerability.



Verizon customers need access to products that provide user-friendly solutions, support efficient workflow, and boost collaboration.



Verizon enterprise customers need to seamlessly integrate existing company infrastructure with new tools to minimize work interruptions.

Thrive in the digital world with Verizon enterprise solutions and products.

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Employee mobility is critical in today's diverse workforce. Mobility removes the limitations of being chained to desktops and offices.

  • Workforce productivity
    Help your employees maintain productivity no matter where work takes them.
  • Enterprise mobility management
    Give remote workers access to company data without increasing security risks.
  • Next-gen wireless network
    Support your business with wireless technologies, like a 5G LTE network.
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Internet of Things

Discover business opportunities, use new data, and gain valuable insights with Verizon enterprise solutions like IoT.

  • Asset management
    Make better business decisions by employing people, devices, and machines effectively.
  • Retail automation
    Connected machines give your customers access to products and services that go above traditional or digital commerce.
  • Smart monitoring
    Increase security, performance, and uptime by connecting remote locations to your network via machine communication.
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Networks & internet

Without connectivity, companies stop being efficient. People, machines, devices, locations, and applications all depend on the Verizon network for smooth operations.

  • Managed network services
    Improve performance by delegating the everyday tasks of maintaining your network’s security and scalability.
  • Software-defined network
    Improve performance by using programming that monitors, manages, and configures networks.
  • Wavelength services
    Securely transfer data sets, files, and applications between data centers and other facilities via optical networking.
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IT solutions & cloud

Scale capacity to meet the changing needs of your growing business with a unified IT infrastructure and Verizon cloud service.

  • Colocation services
    Get reliable facilities and flexible options—without unnecessary time and money investments in infrastructure.
  • Data centers
    Host your servers and data in locations that maintain high security standards, like Terremark Worldwide.
  • Hybrid cloud
    Access the cloud services you need while making good use of your legacy IT systems.
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Business communications

Collaborate, converse with employees, and stay on top of business as an enterprise customer—even when you’re miles away.

  • Unified communications & collaboration
    Help people connect and work as a productive team—regardless of location—using integrated communications.
  • Customer contact center
    Handle more calls, boost engagement, and increase customer service with virtual technologies.
  • Customer experience
    Attract and keep customers with new technology that helps you deliver high-quality, personalized experiences.
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Keep threats at bay and protect sensitive information by strengthening your company with Verizon enterprise security options.

  • Security monitoring
    Detect threats and reduce your chance of attack by using 24/7 security monitoring.
  • Incident response plan
    Know what to do in a data breach by adopting a carefully devised incident response strategy.
  • Fios Router security
    Secure your network to help stop threats, intrusions, and other exploits—before they reach your network.

Why choose Verizon for your business.

For the eleventh consecutive year, the Verizon network has been recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant—comparing our network services to others’ worldwide. **

Here at Verizon, we’re proud of our network and firmly believe that our products keep people better connected.

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