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Verizon Fios for medium business

The speed your business needs, plus 99.9% uptime.

$69/mo. 1st yr. 1-yr. price guarantee +1 VoIP line for $25/mo.w/ 2-yr agmt.

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Verizon business internet plans

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1-yr. price guarantee

Fios 100 Mbps

+1 VoIP line for $25/mo

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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2-yr. price guarantee

Fios 300 Mbps

+1 VoIP line for $10/mo

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Business Fios reviews: Fios helps motorsports shop keep pedal to the metal

“I love Fios. It allows us to spend all of our time working instead of fixing problems that should not exist. It saves time, and in this business time is money.”

—Rich Ellis, owner, Precision Tuning Motorsports

How can Fios help power your business?

Your office staff and sales reps are busy working with customers—quick access to your CRM system is important. Fios delivers the network reliability and internet speeds today’s apps demand. If employees waste time waiting for slow internet, you could be losing money or worse. You could lose customers that don’t have time to wait.

Fios is built on a fiber-optic network, the gold standard for internet connections. Fiber gives you one thing you won’t get with other options—fast upload as well as download speeds and 99.9% network uptime. Choosing internet with the same upload and download speeds can boost productivity, so you can handle business at lightning speeds.

With Fios business internet, you can juggle simultaneous calls, video conferencing, frequent emails and file sharing—all without the needle dropping on your internet speeds from heavy use.

#1 business internet provider

Verizon’s 71.8 speed score is the highest speed PC Mag’s seen yet in a business ISP.*

What’s the Fios difference?

If speed and efficiency matter to your business, Fios internet is the right choice for you. Instead of sending electrical pulses through a copper wire, like DSL, or taking CATV’s hybrid-fiber coaxial (HFC) approach for internet that blends faster and slower cable types, Fios uses 100% fiber-optic cable.

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Fiber-optic cable sends data in the form of light impulses, which are ultra fast and suffer little signal loss as they’re transmitted over long distances. In short, fiber is faster, more reliable and a better value for businesses.

What you can expect with Verizon Business Fios


Unparalleled 100% fiber-optic network with speeds up to 400/400 Mbps—1 gig in select areas


Professional on-site installation with flexible scheduling


24/7 business-class support for your internet.

Unsure if you have the right business solutions in place? We’re here to help.

People interested in a fiber internet should consider Verizon Fios for Business. This solution provides fast, dependable connections to help your employees work efficiently and take care of your customers quickly.

Fios for business internet can be paired with complementary products such as Virtual Communications Express, our hosted VoIP solution, to help your business run more efficiently.

Medium-Business Products

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