Business Digital Voice from Verizon is a small-business phone solution with enterprise-level features. Get access to over 30 advanced calling features, such as Auto Attendant, Music on Hold, and Unified Messaging, all in an affordable package. Business Digital Voice is built on a cloud-based VoIP platform for secure, reliable calling so you can stay in touch with your team and give your customers the service they deserve.

Unified Messaging puts voicemail and fax messages in one place, your My Phone Web Portal. This feature makes it quick and easy to get to all your messages using either your e-mail or telephone.

The Unified Messaging feature of Business Digital Voice lets you retrieve voicemails from your online My Phone management dashboard so you can listen to messages from anywhere.

You can have the voicemail files sent to you in an email and receive notifications on your phone or tablet via text or email.

In addition to retrieving voicemail files, users can also retrieve fax messages using Unified Messaging on the My Phone dashboard and through email. The system is fully configurable from the My Account web portal, including what notifications you want to receive and whether you want to access voicemail, fax, or both.

Another useful feature you can set up is the option for callers to transfer calls that get sent to voicemail. For example, you can allow callers to transfer the call to your assistant by pressing O. This feature can be useful if a call is urgent and needs immediate attention. Read The Secret to Better Service and Productivity: Unified Communications to learn more about advancements in communications with unified communications technologies.

Customer story: Using Unified Messaging to stay on top

These days, business happens everywhere. That’s one of the things that Murray likes about his job. He’s a production line manager and gets to go back and forth from the office to the plant. With this type of schedule, he can’t afford to lose track of messages. Unified Messaging keeps voicemails and faxes in one place. So there’s little chance Murray will miss an important call or forget about a change to an order, even in the midst of a busy day.

More Business Digital Voice advanced features

Administrator Portal Auto Attendant Hunt Group My Phone Portal
Music on Hold Shared Call Unified Messaging Visual Voicemail
Voicemail to Email Voice Portal Voicemail to Text

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